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La Canada Air Conditioning and Heating takes care of HVAC repairs in Glendale, CAWe're located at 1901 Broadview Dr. Upper Glendale and we have an office located one block South of Honolulu Ave., below the Montrose Mall.
La Canada Air Conditioning and Heating has had a long history of providing professional customer service, installations, designs and repairs to any type of system, with 'code compliant' installations for more than 50 years. Since 1978, we have aspired to follow in the footsteps of our predecessor Mr. Lou Harris, with honesty, integrity, professionalism, competitive pricing and Emergency service with quick response time.
We can DESIGN a new system, INSTALL a system, REPLACE an existing system, ENGINEER a better system, IMPROVE an existing system, and CUSTOMIZE any system with the latest energy saving technology.

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We can accurately diagnosis any equipment failure and provide a factory recommendation, engineered solution to improve the performance of any type of air conditioning equipment, new and old furnaces, exhaust systems, H.E.P.A allergy filters and air purifiers, humidifiers, duct cleaning and sanitizing along with asbestos & lead containment and removal.

La Canada Air Conditioning is owned and operated by Mr. Joseph Poplar and his wife Susan since 1981. We have a responsable, dedicated staff of about 12 full time employees. The field workers are 'Uniformed' for clear recognition. A back ground check and drug testing is routinely performed as part of the eligability for employment.  Workers receive regular training on the latest and most innovative techniques and products available to the industry. We are certified by ‘NATE’ (North American Technicians Excellence Award), demonstrating our superior knowledge of the industries. We provide our customers with a wide variety of new ‘Energy Star’ equipment selections, built to save energy to reduce operating expenses, as well as bringing comfort and relief from the hot summers or cold winters temperatures. All Energy Rebates, Utility Rebates, Tax Credits and Factory Discounts or Rebates are available through our company.
With a fleet of 8 trucks and all of the employees being equipped with cell phones, allows for quick communications. We can quickly respond to most customer’s needs quickly, which may arise suddenly and pinpoint the arrival time. All of the trucks have a large inventory of parts and materials to repair most equipment on the first call.

We also can loan small portable air conditioners and heaters to  our customers, that find the temperatures unbearable and need instant relief in the worst weather!
Our office and warehouse is in the heart of Montrose, with an actual brick and mortar building to better service our customers. This demonstrates our commitment, to be available to our customers during regular working hours. (Our competitors usually work out of their homes and garages and have vanished without warning, when things go badly.) Our warehouse stocks different types of equipment on our premises. With a large warehouse of parts and equipment, quick unit replacements are performed sometimes within the same day!

Technical advice is also available through our Service Department. This allows our “Do-it Yourself” customers a way to speak to a service mechanic and get the help to solve a problem, get a part or discuss options for equipment replacement.

La Canada Air Conditioning and Heating provides “24 Hour Emergency Service” with our personalized people to speak with you for instant attention, (Not just an answering machine). We have technicians available during Holidays, Weekends and Evening Emergencies'. We offer Maintenance Service Programs, HVAC Property Inspections for real estate buyers, Energy Saving Equipment, Evaluations on existing equipment,  check-ups, tune-ups, duct cleaning, filter changes, air flow balancing, consultations and system evaluations for any property or project, Commercial or Residential.

La Cañada Air Conditioning and Heating has proudly served the Foothill Communities with integrity, professionalism and our extensive experience since 1978. We specialize in retro-fitting older buildings and residential homes. Custom homes can receive a new system without altering the original craftsmanship and esthetics of the home.

We place an emphasis on energy saving, state of the art technology, quiet performance, properly sized machinery, and a camouflaged 'built-in' look that will compliment any architecture. (See the Before and After photos to your left). Our unique designs allow us to customized and adapt the centralized air conditioning and heating system to most any type of building or home without the obvious alterations normally associated with this type of retrofit. Our customers receive the highest level of innovation with a wide range of products we offer. The longevity of the equipment performance and the energy savings, along with the simplicity of operation, are the markers of a well designed system. Whether your home needs a simple system or a more complex system La Cañada Air Conditioning and Heating has the experience to bring long lasting comfort and maintain healthy airflow thought the life of the equipment.


We Now Proudly Offer:

Portable Air Conditioners and Portable Electric Heaters on loan to homeowners to relieve
the discomfort of sever temperature changes and to get our customers past a major breakdowns in sever weather!
Request an estimate to improve the condition of your home with our HVAC services.