The Purity of your Air should be your "Top Priority". We are all very concerned with our 'Health' but we overlook the air in our homes and business.

Being healthy should be your most important concern yet, the air inside your home is over looked the most because you don’t see the bacteria building up in your ductwork and ventilation system. Your heating and air conditioning system is the “Lungs of your home” that needs to be filtered.

Most of the air filters are inefficient or incapable of stopping this dirty air. Dirty air is comprised of mostly dead skin cells, which get into your system, and stays there to decay. This forms the bacteria and pollutes your system. Dust mites are attracted to the dead skin cells omitting their droppings into the air flow. The fan blows this filthy air into the house where we have to breathe this polluted air and suffer with the health issues it gives us.

Cleaning and sanitizing the system can help eliminate the excessive amount of indoor air pollutants. Installing a H.E.P.A. (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Cleaner, capable of accumulating and eliminating these microscopic particles, will keep the system clean of particles as small as .35 of a micron with over 95% efficiency.
Most duct cleaning companies just vacuum but not sanitize the areas that the bacteria has formed. Additionally, mold is also found in these damp dark areas causing extreme health issues.

Wouldn't you like to maintain a health home with quality indoor air for you and your home?

Routine maintenance cannot eliminate the bacteria condition in the ductwork. Brushing and blowing does little to eliminate the pollutants. Our thorough decontamination method will improve your system. Our technicians use video imaging to reveal the extent of contamination and will recommend the best method to purify your entire system.

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Commercial Buildings

Owners and operators of commercial buildings have an obligation to assure the public and employees are breathing clean air. Due mostly to the cost, duct and equipment cleanings get ignored constantly resulting in serious health issues with the public. The Health Dept. requires the business owner to keep records of actions taken on routine cleanings to stop infecting the public. With the epidemic of the H1N1 virus, many people will contract the influenza virus due to bacteria infected HVAC equipment. Major lawsuits can develop if these conditions are ignored.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Do not put off having your commercial equipment cleaned, serviced and properly maintained. You could avoid the "Sick Building Symptom" which can effect your business in a major way.

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