Awards and Credentials

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Awards and Certifications

To ensure our high commitment to superior technical abilities, our Service Technicians are certified by the North American Technicians Excellence Award (N.A.T.E.), Utility companies, equipment manufacturers and Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (H.V.A.C.) associations highly recommend that consumers look for the N.A.T.E. certification to ensure the proper design and installation of your heating and air conditioning system.

Benefits of Hiring a NATE Certified Tech
Learn how a NATE certified HVAC professional can provide you with greater product efficiency, increased home comfort and added peace of mind.
With the new high efficiency equipment and green refrigerants, your H.V.A.C. contractor must be trained to install the equipment properly in order to achieve the highest efficiency and performance it was designed to deliver. Otherwise your system will not perform at its highest operating efficiency and wasting energy and money.
Check out Our Credentials
The difference between contractors is not just the cost of the project but what does the contractor offer to the property owner with Liability Insurance, Workman Compensation Insurance, Good credit ratings with the Manufactures and Suppliers of HVAC products, and Guarantees on the installation. Most salesmen will always say they are covered but upon investigation no coverage can be verified. The Contractors Board requires each contractor submitting an estimate to show 'proof of insurance' with a Certificate showing the Policy number and Insurance Companies phone number to verify the policy is 'Active' and will cover your project. Although Liability Insurance is still not required, it must be revealed to the property owner that no liability insurance is in force so the property owner knows up front whether their contractor can be held financially responsible for any damages occurring to the property as a result of the contractors negligence. To lower the bid and cut costs, contractors like to pay their employees 'Under the table' thus avoiding withholding taxes and Workers Compensation. The Homeowners property insurance coverage of workers compensation may be the only insurance protection you have, which is usually much less than any claim.

The 'League of California Homeowners' APPROVED CONTRACTOR
The 'League of California Homeowners' is a Non-Profit Consumers Based, "Watch-Dog" Coalition to strictly validate contractors in California and require back ground checks of all participants to include: General Liability Certificates of no less than $500,000 dollars Liability Insurance, Workman Compensation Insurance, Contractor must be in good standing with the State Contractors License Board, The Better Business Bureau, with no compliant' or violations. In addition, Their yearly background check keeps contractors in good standing when they provide credit referances with our suppliers and maintain a High Customers satisfaction index. Every property owner should check with the League of California Homeowners to be assured the contractor is listed and in "Good Standing"
La Canada Air Conditioning and Heating brings a long history of customer satisfaction as established by:

Received 'Value Star Certification Award' for "Very High in Customer Satisfaction".

Member in Good Standing with  "The League of California Homeowners Association",

The California State Licensing Board in good standing.

Long running "A+" Rating with the Better Business Bureau,

Listed with 'Dun & Bradstreet' and have a very favorable credit rating.
California State Lic. No 536450

We carry $1M General Liability Coverage to protect your home and property, Fully covered by Workman's Compensation Insurance on all of our employees and provide the BEST LABOR WARRANTIES in the Industry.